Pursuant to Section 2261.253 of the Texas Government Code, contract and purchase information with links to applicable documents are provided below. Any redactions (shown in black) are in accordance with Section 2261.253(e)-(h).

Contracting Guide FY2024

Contract/PO#VendorDescriptionAmountPurchasing Authority
24-001University of Texas - Institute of Organizational ExcellenceEmployee Engagement Survey1569.00TGC 771
24-002Texas State Library and Archives CommissionStorage and Imaging Services900.00TGC 771
24-005United States Home Land SecurityAlien Verification Services400.00TGC 2155.084(a)-(b)
24-006State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH)Legal Services - Administrative Hearings25259.22TGC 771
24-007Aurora Training Advantage / Aurora Audio LLCTraining Services499.0034 TAC 20.82
24-008Alliance Work PartnersEmployee Assistance Program4980.0034 TAC 20.82
24-009DocTract (Qualex Corportation)Software Licenses2709.0034 TAC 20.391
24-010LexisNexisLexisNexis Subscription3480.00TGC 2157.068
24-011SHARP Mainteance Service Agreement80.0034 TAC 20.222
24-012WorkQuest Temp ServicesTemporary Employees46213.12TGC 2155.138
24-013Toshiba Business SolutionsMainteance Service Agreement836.64TGC 2157.068
24-014Portfolio Media Subscription1881.0034 TAC 20.222
24-015LexisNexisAccurint 1092.0034 TAC 20.82
24-015 POCN1LexisNexisAccurint 1279.0034 TAC 20.82
24-016ExperianBackground Checks780.0034 TAC 20.82
24-017Insight Public SectorSoftware Licenses4541.25TGC 2157.068
24-018NetsyncNetwork System Support Services3745.71TGC 2157.068
24-019Presley Design Studio Website Services3592.20TGC 2157.068
24-020Knowledge WaveTraining Services2272.92TGC 2157.068
24-022C&T Information Technology ServicesTemporary Employees139620.00TGC 2157.068
24-023S&P Global Market Intelligence LLCComputer Software22402.0034 TAC 20.82
24-024AJ Gallagher Management ServicesPublic Liability Insurance3349.0034 TAC 20.82
24-026Conference Of State Bank SuperviorsConference Fees2985.0034 TAC 20.82
24-027Alliance Work PartnersTraining Services600.0034 TAC 20.82
24-028FedEx Courier Services2500.0034 TAC 20.220
24-029StaplesOffice Supplies27.8034 TAC 20.220
24-030WorkQuest Inc.Anti-Fatigue Mat63.50TGC 2155.138
24-031Citibank (August FY23)Various - Conference Fees; Publication Subscriptions3529.0034 TAC 5.57
24-032Verizon WirlessCellullar Phone and Data Services17320.00TGC 2157.068
24-033Zoho CorporationSoftware Licenses3231.0034 TAC 20.222
24-034Pitney Bowes Presort ServicesPreSort Services120.0034 TAC 20.220
24-035Pitney Bowes Presort ReservePostage2000.0034 TAC 20.82
24-036Citibank (September Fees)Various - Website Services; Computer Hardware225.9834 TAC 5.57
24-037Staples Contract & Commerical LLCPrinter Supplies233.4034 TAC 20.220
24-038Department of Information ResourcesCredit Card & Convenience Fees2266.00TGC 771
24-039Employee Retirement SystemRetiree Insurance Services240780.24TGC 771
24-040Department of Information ResourcesCCTS Phone Services18000.00TGC 771
24-041Department of Information ResourcesTEX-AN Phone & Internet Services31275.00TGC 771
24-042Texas State Agency Business Administrators AssociationMembership Dues100.0034 TAC 20.82
24-043Department of Information ResourcesSoftware Licenses19305.80TGC 771
24-044Department of Information ResourcesData Center Services53683.38TGC 771
24-045AJ Gallagher Management ServicesAuto Insurance Services356.3234 TAC 20.82
24-047Abdolreza RajaeianTraining Services3400.0034 TAC 20.82
24-048Staples Contract & Commerical LLCOffice Supplies15.7534 TAC 20.220
24-049Citibank (October)Various - Building & Office Supplies93.9034 TAC 5.57
24-050Conference Of State Bank SuperviorsVarious - Training Services; Conference Fees1440.0034 TAC 20.82
24-052Comptroller of Public AccountsMail Services250.00TGC 771
24-053WorkQuest Inc.Office Supplies347.9334 TAC 20.82
24-054Texas State Agency Business Administrators AssociationConference Fees325.0034 TAC 20.82
24-055Ellena MeierTraining Services504.0034 TAC 20.82
24-056Garza/GonzalezInternal Audit Services15900.0034 TAC 20.82
24-057WorkQuest Inc.Building Supplies23.96TGC 2155.138
24-058AJ Gallagher Management ServicesProperty Insurance9117.0034 TAC 20.82
24-059Texas Mortgage Bankers AssociationAudio & Video Services821.9834 TAC 20.82
24-060Dell Marketing LPComputer Hardware4112.24TGC 2157.068
24-061Conference Of State Bank SuperviorsConference Fees995.0034 TAC 20.82
24-062Southern Computer WarehouseComputer Peripherals76.01TGC 2157.068
24-063Citibank (November)Building & Office Supplies74.4434 TAC 5.57
24-064Texas State Human Resources AssociationMembership Fees75.0034 TAC 20.82
24-066Southern Computer WarehouseComputer Peripherals584.30TGC 2157.068

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